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Tarmark - Precision line markings and floor Coatings specialise in multi-story, and underground car park markings using only the highest quality marking paints for road and car park marking as. Depending upon the application, we use Latex, Epoxy, Alkyd or Chlorinated Rubber paints as thermoplastic is not recommended for application on concrete because this rely's upon the heating and melting of an asphalt substrate for adhesion.

Many Supermarkets are now opting for Colour defined bays in their car parks with brightly coloured anti-slip traffic paints as thermoplastic markings in car parks tend to become very dirty looking. Over time, thermoplastic becomes quite thick and unsightly as regular recoating is required to keep them clean looking.



MMA Cold Plastic markings are a 2 component, fast setting line marking material with a very high life expectancy of up to 6 years and suitable for a range of applications on macadam, asphalt and concrete including:


  • Road Markings

  • Traffic Calming

  • Rumble Strips

  • Car Park Delineation

  • Cycle Path Marking etc.


Thermoplastic markings are hard synthetic resins of hydrocarbon bases which melt when heated. They are applied at temperatures approaching 200C and melt into the asphalt. Thermoplastics are not recommended for application on concrete because they rely on the heating and melting of the asphalt substrate for adhesion. This type of pavement marking is very durable and can last from 2 - 5 years depending upon the amount of traffic that drives over the mark.


Epoxy line markings are a two part component system offering excellent durability and good adhesion. This is a more expensive type of marking but is chosen when all other paints have shown an inability to hold up to existing conditions, or in heavy trafficked warehouses.

Reflective Beads

For those applications where night time light reflectivity is needed we can provide retro-reflective bead application to the wet paint. This will cause the paint we apply to last slightly longer and will make it brighter when vehicle headlights reflect on it.

Line Painting

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